The Montessori system has been followed with immense success for over a century and is increasingly being believed to be far more superior compared to any other education methodology.


"Montessori education is characterized by multi-age classrooms, a special set of educational materials, student-chosen work in long time blocks, a collaborative environment with student mentors, absence of grades and tests and individual and small group instruction in academic and social skills....."


One of the key ingredients of the Montessori system is its famous materials which have been designed my Dr. Maria Montessori herself. However, it has been particularly difficult to find appropriate good quality Montessori Materials at low prices in the Middle East.


Genius Montessori was launched inorder to focus on supplying Montessori tools and educational toys, to cater to the Middle East's growing trend of schools and nurseries using the Montessori methodology in their curriculum. We have been supplying our premium quality materials at affordable prices to many nurseries and schools in the UAE, Oman, Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar, Egypt, Libya, Tanzania, Kenya, India, Dijibouti, Ghana and Nigeria.

We have over 600 products in our catalogue - ranging from Infant and Toddler to Primary and Elementary, covering curriculum areas such as Language, Mathematics, Science, Geography, Practical Life and Sensorial. We are also the only company in the region providing custom made Arabic Montessori materials such as Arabic Sandpaper Letters, Arabic Moveable Alphabet, Arabic Sandpaper Numbers and Puzzle Maps of the Middle East and the Arab World.

Our manufacturers who have been supplying their products throughout Europe, America and Australia have been chosen after careful deliberation and only if they comply with our strict standards such as the manufacturing facility being ISO-9001 and 14001 certified and the products having passed the TUV and SGS tests and complying with European and American toy safety standards. Our products are based on approved AMI blueprints, comply with ASTM standards, are made with water based finishes and FSC or PEFC certified wood.